The “Tri-County Band” is actually comprised of 4 separate bands: the Palisades Park Band, aka “PalPark Band,” the Mendham Community Band, the Bloomingdale Cornet Band and the Franklin Community Band.

Leaders of each band will conduct this concert with approximately a 70-piece band and a mix of music, including patriotic music, that should please all audiences. This will be a “labor of love” by these New Jersey bands to show support for our veterans, with 100% of the profits going to the Northern New Jersey Veterans Memorial Cemetery.

Ken Odgers, conductor of the Franklin Community Band, lost his father as killed-in-action in WWII. He is the spearhead of this event, to not only honor his father, but all veterans who have sacrificed for our country.

We would like to fill the Sussex County Technical School in McNiece Auditorium (1300 seats) for this concert with people who enjoy good music and want to help our cemetery.

Tri-County Band performs for a fundraiser

Download Tri-County Band Fundraiser Flyer (PDF)